20 Pack – Signature Bonbons

Assorted Chocolate   •   Gluten Free, Vegan OPTIONS


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Indulge in the ultimate chocolate lover’s dream with our signature 20 pack of delectable handmade chocolate bonbons. Each bonbon is lovingly crafted with the finest ingredients and skillfully hand-decorated to create a feast for your eyes and your taste buds.


Flavour Selections

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292 reviews for 20 Pack – Signature Bonbons

  1. Ragn Hannah

    Ragn Hannah

    Fantastic efficient service & wonderful chocolates!

  2. Trisha Ann McHugh

    Trisha Ann McHugh

    An amazing experience from the packaging through to the delicious chocolates.

  3. Pauline Schofield

    Pauline Schofield

    My niece was absolutely thrilled with her chocolates, they look beautiful and was very yummy!

  4. Nia


    Wow these are top shelf, will return for more.

  5. Sara Ritchie

    Sara Ritchie

    Devine flavours-I just keep coming back!

  6. Yin Peng Lee

    Yin Peng Lee


  7. Libby Brockman

    Libby Brockman

    Ordered and delivered within a day! My friends were pleasantly surprised and thought them very delicious and beautiful!

  8. Jenny De Groot

    Jenny De Groot


  9. Robyn Davies

    Robyn Davies

    What a beautifully presented product. Looking like marbles the delicate flavor is something to savor. I could happily have these all the time. I love that I am able to choose my favorite flavors in the same box to share with friends.

  10. Michele Payne

    Michele Payne

    Divine! Ate them yesterday as a start of vacation treat. Can’t wait to order again!

  11. Trudi


    Bought them as a birthday present to myself. They are divine!!!

  12. Ingrid


    Beautiful presentation and gorgeous flavours

  13. Kerry


    My brothers partner was so delighted she posted her thank you to me with a picture on face book

  14. Lisa Zilberpriver

    Lisa Zilberpriver

    Outstanding – the recipient was absolutely delighted 🙂 Gorgeous packaging too!

  15. Wendy


    A great gift to give others. So many oohs and aahs from the recipients

  16. Danielle Haeusler

    Danielle Haeusler

    So elegant and beautiful

  17. Alex


    Beautifully packaged, the flavours are amazing and they look exactly as pictured!

  18. Cheryl Kaye

    Cheryl Kaye

    Purchased a 20 pack of the chocolates and the hot chocolate dark mix for a gift. The recipients were so happy. They sent me pictures and the chocolates looked so good, I turned around and ordered some for myself ☺️

  19. Ruth Windsor

    Ruth Windsor

    Purchased a 5 pack and also a 15 pack for gifts as special – I love you in in this social distance world gifts. Both arrived promptly and I have had repeated thanks saying they are delicious and the perfect way to indulge!!!

  20. Kathryn Doyle Hailey

    Kathryn Doyle Hailey

    Lovely presentation and beautiful chocolates.

  21. Kerry


    Absolutely delicious. My only suggestion would be to reconsider the ‘menu’ card…I found it very hard to tell which was which based on the photos.

  22. Karyn


    These arrived so promptly. Packaged well for protection. Beautiful gift. They taste awesome too

  23. Wendy


    The most amazing chocolates of all time! Last year I went to Bruges and sampled excellent chocolate. Your chocolates are superlative. Well done

  24. Lindy Vickers

    Lindy Vickers

    Wow. Chocolates arrived in perfect condition, looked stunning and tasted amazing. Will definitely order again soon.

  25. Scott Joziasse

    Scott Joziasse

    The chocolates arrived micu faster than expected and all were delicious

  26. Jacqui B

    Jacqui B

    The receiver of the assorted 20 pack absolutely thrilled with the gift. Presentation perfect arrived in excellent condition and flavours divine.

  27. Emma


    Fantastic, every flavour I tried was brilliant

  28. Sylvia Iversen

    Sylvia Iversen

    The perfect gift! Absolutely exquisite chocolates. It’s also nice seeing where they are made… the very shop they’re sold in. I love this small business ?

  29. Kate


    Stunning product, amazing taste. Sent as a gift and my Mum said it was the most beautiful chocolate she had ever seen and tasted.

  30. Lisa Mason

    Lisa Mason

    A wonderful Mother’s day present they look fantastic

  31. Bethany


    Absolutely fantastic!
    I hear the chocolates were incredible from the 5 people I gifted a boxes each to. I look forward to buying myself some one day soon.
    The option to select to have them delivered closer to Mother’s Day was a massive help. I like sorting out gifts a few weeks in advance, so this option was a big help.
    The only thing that would have been good, if I could have included a short note with each one as they received them but didn’t know who they were from.
    But fantastic service and products and I look forward to coming back again soon.
    Thank you!

  32. Kimberley


    Fantastic, beautiful chocolate

  33. LeaLea Hayman

    LeaLea Hayman

    Love Love Love ?
    Artisan chocolate at it’s best ?

  34. Yvette Williams

    Yvette Williams

    Absolutely beautiful. I bought this for my daughter-in-law and she was thrilled. Lovely box and exquisite colours. Thank you. I will be placing another order next week for a friend as a thank you gift. ?

  35. Frank


    Great chocolates!!

  36. Christine


    Purchased some Easter gifts for my interstate family which were delivered within a short time frame and well received, both presentation and taste. Thank you 🙂

  37. Leanne


    So happy with the delivery timeframe and my parents love, love, loved the chocolates.
    Thank you so much.

  38. Cj


    Bought as a gift for Easter. My daughter said she stood and stared at her chocolates for 10 minutes in awe at how beautiful they were. Thanks for such a beautiful product! Will certainly buy again♥️

  39. Karmen Fairall

    Karmen Fairall

    This is the most amazing box of chocolates we have ever purchase, the presentation is impeccable and the flavours are heavenly. We will absolutely be purchasing again!

  40. Kylie Savidge

    Kylie Savidge

    Beautiful chocolate. Presented very professionally & packed carefully for posting. Chocolates arrived in perfect shape & are amazingly delicious. You will not be disappointed.

  41. Vanessa


    Perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

  42. Lindy


    Thankyou for the beautifully presented chocolates. My family and friends were impressed with the originality, creativity and amazing flavors. Will purchase again. Beautiful presents.

  43. Andrea Brouwer

    Andrea Brouwer

    Awesome will buy again

  44. Edward Pao

    Edward Pao

    Excellent no complaints

  45. Jonathan Beagley

    Jonathan Beagley

    Not my first visit Won’t be my last !
    Deliciousness Beautifully Presented

  46. Eden


    Really good quality flavours

  47. Chris


    Beautiful chocolates, the second time I got them. I like more chocolate caramel flavours and these are mostly fruit caramel flavours.

    It is great that they are vegan and gluten free, but I would like more options to order just the coconut caramels or a hazelnut caramel option 🙂

  48. Anam


    Beautifully presented, delicious chocolates with a wide range of flavours

  49. Frank


    Great flavour as always! Thanks for the timely delivery.

  50. Simon


    Gave the 40 boxed pack as a gift. He absolutely loved them.

  51. Ken


    Yum, yum, yum!!,

  52. Alessia Santamaria

    Alessia Santamaria

    I live in Germany and found this website of Only Mine Chocolates, I was immediately surprised by the flavors and the design. I purchased one 20 pack-chocolate box that has been sent to a friend of mine who’s hospitalized in Perth. I also added a gift card for free! My friend was so happy! The chocolate is delicious and everything is packed so lovely. Thank you, Only Mine ! You made this surprise unforgettable.

  53. Leanne


    I love these chocolates, they are delicious! this is the second time we’ve bought them, and were excited to receive them. I was disappointed as they were quite scuffed up, (I guess during postage) with little powdery bits of chocolate over the glossy, shiny finish. These were a gift, and so I had to carefully wipe each one. Maybe a piece of bubble wrap inside the box would stop them bouncing around in their packaging.

  54. Gillian Loft

    Gillian Loft

    Deliciously decadent, creative and reliable expedient delivery. Excellent , thank you.

  55. Ana


    We travelled 1.5hrs and got there 10mins before close time. The lovely lady took our 6 orders and allowed us to enjoy our desserts even after shop was supposed to close up for the day ?
    We devoured and enjoyed every bit of it!! Will definitely visit again 10/10

  56. Lisa


    Perfect- my little girl has a bajilion allergy and are all five with no problem and loved it , thanks for being allergy aware ?

  57. Nua WB

    Nua WB

    Love your chocs!

  58. Sally Clake

    Sally Clake

    Arrived, carefully packed for warm weather conditions. Unpacked they were beautifully wrapped and our friends have really enjoyed the bespoke chocolates within.

  59. Melissa Smith

    Melissa Smith

    Excellent product and service.

  60. Deb B

    Deb B

    i purchased 10 packs of 5 for the family for christmas, they were very happy! arrived quickly and well packed for summer heat, and everyone loved them. delicious chocolates, thank you.

  61. Wendy WHEATON

    Wendy WHEATON

    I sent these as a gift, so did not personally taste them. My sister absolutely loved them calling them the most decadent chocolates she had ever eaten!
    Thanks for the great customer service and fast delivery. I must try them myself!

  62. Jenn Turnell

    Jenn Turnell

    Great customer service, prompt delivery and the most amazing chocolates! I’d definitely order these again.

  63. Bobbie Leigh

    Bobbie Leigh

    Beautifully crafted, and carefully packaged. Amazing flavours! A sensational gift for the eyes as well as the tastebuds.

  64. Glenn



  65. Kelly O’Donnell

    Kelly O’Donnell

    Omg hands down my mum was truely surprised with he only mine chocolates she said they were so yummy and fast delivery will definitely buy again

  66. Clare


    Perfection. Love them all!! Great delivery service.

  67. Catherine Harper

    Catherine Harper

    Bought them as an easter treat. Everyone loved them. They look beautiful and tasted so good.

  68. Carol Jordan

    Carol Jordan

    I ordered 15 pack to be delivered to my son 12hrs away for Easter … seeing I ordered 2 weeks before asking them to be delivered I was very impressed with the delivery and quality. These beautiful chocolates are a great gift that leave everyone wanting more ! Thank you

  69. Lisa Barden

    Lisa Barden

    Totally beautiful chocolates. Not only were they presented beautifully they WERE actually delicious. Very impressed

  70. letildaemily


    Always happy with my excruciatingly delicious chocolates xox

  71. Brian


    I had never bought chocolates through this company before Definitely will again The speed of delivery was exceptional And the recipient adored the flavours and the quality

  72. jinellyfish


    Easy to order and send to someone special. Makes a lovely gift! Thanks

  73. Harry R

    Harry R

    My father was extremely pleased to receive his box of 40 chocolates for his birthday and really loved them. I liked that they stood out from the normal run of the mill type chocolates and that I could pick the flavours he’d like the most. Nice prompt delivery.

  74. Michelle


    Brilliant thank you, I didn’t share them, my guilty pleasure…

  75. Cass G

    Cass G

    Purchased 3x 15 packs of Only Mine Chocolates for Christmas presents extremely impressed with delivery and packaging would recommend to anyone and everyone will defiantly be using Only Mine again when ever i need that prefect gift! Thank you very much!!

  76. Lauren


    Great flavours and textures. Arrived on a hot day but was in perfect condition due to the packing. Great presentation for yourself as a treat or for a gift.

  77. kim.kannisto


    Absolutely beautiful chocolates! They look and taste amazing, will be ordering again!

  78. Bonnie


    Made my friend’s day! Thank you 😀

  79. Shari Winkelman

    Shari Winkelman

    Loved loved loved!

  80. Simone


    A great selection of chocolates. Nicely presented and love the colours. They were easy to identify what flavours they were. The family enjoyed them.

  81. Ron


    Unreal! My Dad loved the chocolates. Your attention to detail in packing was amazing!

  82. Bob


    Beautiful packaging and service. But best of all, the chocolates are amazing!

  83. Aaron Ferrell

    Aaron Ferrell

    Beautiful again…..
    “Wife said” would love a banana flavour…

  84. Robert johns

    Robert johns

    This was a present for my sister
    She was over the moon so your company was a massive hit
    My sister said the taste and flavours were out of this world so a massive thank you to your staff for a 100% customer satisfaction
    Thank you
    Robert johns uk

  85. Shane Bell

    Shane Bell

    Chocolate was amazing and service was super fast! The way the chocolate was packaged with great attention to detail was impressive.

  86. Dave


    The chocolates looked great (she said she didn’t want to eat them because they were so pretty) and I understand they were pretty tasty!

  87. Lin Quach

    Lin Quach

    There’s nothing to fault here. Prompt delivery, great communication, delicious & beautifully packaged chocolate. Cheers!

  88. Kate Flammea

    Kate Flammea

    Really nice chocolate and beautifully packaged, will definitely buy again! Sadly fir me my son ate most of them 🙁

  89. Fiona


    I purchased a 15pk for my mum and she opened them in front of the family. We were totally blown away! They all looked amazing. Beautiful. People took photos. Mum said they were delicious. Thanks only mine. Packaged perfectly and delivered quickly. ?

  90. Lucy


    Very yummy, have had to ration them out!!!

  91. Rosemary


    Just marvellous

  92. Victoria


    Service was amazing and the recipient loved them! Cant wait to purchase again!

  93. Winna


    I ordered on web from Indonesia and the package delivered on time with super safety packaging. Very satisfying service and fast responses too. I heard from my Bf that they also taste amazing. Will definitely order again soon because they upgrading the boxes, excited ?

  94. Stella


    Yum! Love the variety and the flavours. Beautifully presented chocolates & A lovely gift.

  95. Tess


    The chocolates themselves are just beautiful (and taste amazing). I was so impressed with how everything was packed. Such care was taken. Thank you.

  96. Richard M

    Richard M

    Thank you Jas, thank you! Such a unique choice of flavours, but they work together amazingly. Highly recommend these chocolates to any chocolate lover!

  97. Vivienne G.

    Vivienne G.

    They looked like gorgeous polished gem stones – she loved them.

  98. Kerrie S.

    Kerrie S.

    I bought several of these as gifts including one for myself. They were a big hit & all eaten on the day! The flavour combinations are so unique &delicious. Some of the flavour combinations had me thinking “i don’t think that will taste very nice”, but i was so wrong. Such a wonderfu & delightful experience for the taste buds. The actual chocolate they use is also first class. Fabulous product!

  99. Frank T.

    Frank T.

    Only Mine is decadent, mouth watering, scintillating and visually inspiring chocolate.

  100. Michael M.

    Michael M.


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  • Shauna 15th Jun 2024
    Quick delivery, bought for my daughter’s birthday she loved them, nicely packaged delicious looking chocolates
  • Tereasa 14th Jun 2024
    Absolutely beautiful tasty chocolates. The flavours are so amazing, presentation beautuful, and the service was wonderful. Highly recommended
  • Zaven Djizmedjian 13th Jun 2024
    I ordered these chocolates for a friend's birthday. She absolutely loved it. Will have to order now for myself
  • Jodie Casboult 19th May 2024
    Fantastic chocolates. Really well presented and always arrives on time. Fantastic.
  • Cameron Walton 19th May 2024
    Purchased the 20 Bon Bon signature pack for delivery as a Mother’s Day gift. Delivery was prompt and by all accounts the chocolates were delicious as well as being eye catching. Will have to come and sample them for myself next time I come down from FNQ
  • Sharon 18th Apr 2024
    Absolutely delicious 😋
  • Clare 12th Apr 2024
    Beautifully packaged, lasted our fluctuating temperatures really well. Took a couple of weeks to arrive. I love that you can pick your own flavours.
  • Pina 5th Apr 2024
    Absolutely delicious..quick delivery, looks as advertised and tastes better..
  • Rose Hayward 5th Apr 2024
    Absolutely divine. Best chocolate ever. They are a work of art to look at and the best ever to eat.
  • sarah.higginbotham 5th Apr 2024
    Beautiful and very well packaged to ensure safe arrival in time for Easter.
  • Yvonne 4th Apr 2024
    Delicious, will be buying again
  • Dieter 31st Mar 2024
    Absolutely amazing
  • Darren 31st Mar 2024
    Quick delivery and very delicious and great design and colours
  • Michael Hardman 14th Mar 2024
    Bought these for daughter on her 40th - had to buy then for my wife & now bought a 40 pack for the ‘family’ to enjoy…..
  • amandawalker471 8th Feb 2024
    First I ordered them and won't be last time, decided to treat myself to an early birthday present absolutely loved them
  • maggie 8th Feb 2024
    Best chocolates I have tasted , gave as a present the second box I ordered
  • Maureen Rahman 13th Jan 2024
    These are very pretty chocolates and I would say that around 1/3 of them are VERY yummy. Although they were very well packaged to withstand the travel, they were rather soft when delivered (and I was home when they were delivered, othwerwise would have been too mushy).
  • Klaasje Fisher 31st Dec 2023
    Absolutely beautiful. Came in Time for xmas. All flavours were fabulous, and the presentation of colours in a lovely box
  • Adrienne 30th Dec 2023
    Beautiful and delicious. Thank you for getting them here in for Christmas
  • Jenny 24th Dec 2023
    Absolutely perfect. They look beautiful and they taste wonderful. There are such a lot of flavours to choose from. I’ll be back.
  • staceyrodda12 24th Dec 2023
    So impressed! Really fast postage and they were delicious and beautiful, thank so much!
  • Didier Balez 24th Dec 2023
    Amazing chocolates, excellent service, love it.
  • Frances 23rd Dec 2023
    This is the first time I’ve bought Only Mine chocolates, and it won’t be the last. They arrived in excellent condition. The flavours were delicious (I could easily be addicted to the vanilla and licorice). They were a hit at a very special dinner. Well done !!
  • Tania Ritchie 23rd Dec 2023
    I brought these as a gift, my daughter was absolutely delighted with these chocolates, not only eye catching they were all delicious.
  • Naomi Cole 24th Nov 2023
    So yummy!!!…..The best chocolates I’ve ever had!!!……so nice, gave to my friend as a gift too, she loved them!!…..I really love the personal touch as i received alittle note wishing me a happy birthday too……will definitely be buying again👍👍
  • Efi 29th Oct 2023
    This is my second purchase of the signature range and cannot fault them at all. I have to hide them so I can enjoy them all to myself :-)
  • Brigete 13th Oct 2023
    Bought as a gift. Delivery time as promised with constant updates. Thank you
  • Lynn 21st Sep 2023
    I bought these as a thank you gift. They were thrilled because the chocolates were beautifully displayed and divine tasting albeit a little decadent.
  • Maddy 10th Sep 2023
    Wonderful to give as a gift. Everyone loves this idea. Chocolates delicious
  • gracechill22 19th Aug 2023
    Legit the best chocolates I have had in my life
  • Denise Sampson 30th Mar 2023
    Beautiful product, well presented. never fails to delight the senses and the recipient
  • Penny Sutherland 2nd Mar 2023
    The chocolates where a birthday gift and where very much appreciated.
  • Sandy 11th Feb 2023
    Stunning products and great customer service. What more could you want.
  • Art 25th Dec 2022
    smiles all around
  • Deborah 17th Dec 2022
    Always timely and a quality product.
  • Anne Graham 25th Nov 2022
    Awesome chocolates, well received and thoroughly enjoyed :P
  • Pam Masters 21st Oct 2022
    These chocolates were for my 13 year old grandaughter in Australia apparently she really enjoyed them and no doubt could have eaten a larger Bix.
  • John Wertfein 6th Oct 2022
    A wonderful selection and Birthday Gift.
  • Fiona Williams 24th Sep 2022
    Love, love these boxed chocolates. I buy them for my son and daughter in law who live in Indonesia. A little touch of elegance from home. Love the look of the chocolates and I am told they taste divine.
  • Lesley Austin 8th Sep 2022
    Well packaged and beautifully presented...I will be getting them again. L.Austin
  • Dawn 25th Aug 2022
    They were a gift. Told they were very nice. Only issue is that the delivery person just put them in the letterbox. No attempt to deliver to the door. Made me very cross because if it had been a warm day they may have melted. And they were home waiting for the delivery. When I contacted them to check they'd received them the answer was no. Found in the letterbox later in the day. Angry as .... but the chocolates were enjoyed eventually.
  • HEATHER WEBSTER 5th Aug 2022
    Perfect as usual.
  • Pam Williams 24th Jul 2022
    Exceptional product! Super fast delivery! Beautifully packaged! Will be back!
  • Sonia 30th Jun 2022
    Aesthetically pleasing and tasty 👍
  • Julie 16th Jun 2022
    The present of chocolate to a sick person, was such a delight and the flours were out of this world, thank you for brightening my grandsons day.
  • Jo 26th May 2022
    The delivery was exceptional, the presentation was perfect and the taste was sensational
  • Marsale Thompson 13th May 2022
    Packaging was great they looked beautiful, i got the high tea collection for my Mum she enjoyed them tand said aste was spot on
  • Cynthia Saddington and Nicole Gatt 12th May 2022
    Absolutely gorgeous chocolates, the company are a pleasure to deal with, excellent service 10 out of 10 👏👏👏👏👏👏
  • Annette Clark 8th May 2022
    A fabulous item
  • Amanda Williams 6th May 2022
    These chocolates were amazing. The high Quality in look and flavour is Exceptional. Beautifully creamy texture. I will definitely be buying more.
20 Pack - Signature Bonbons

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What sets Only Mine chocolates apart is our unwavering dedication to using ethically sourced ingredients. We work closely with suppliers who uphold fair trade practices, ensuring that every cocoa bean and additive we use positively impacts the lives of those involved in its production. Only Mine chocolates are back by programs such as Cocoa Trace and the Farmers Program to ensure famers are paid fairly, farms are child labour free, legally grown and prevent corruption.

When you choose Only Mine chocolates, you’re not just treating yourself; you’re contributing to a sustainable and socially responsible movement. Experience the joy of guilt-free indulgence with our delectable chocolates, crafted with love and care for you and the world we share. Discover the true taste of ethical luxury today!

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At Only Mine, we believe that chocolate is an experience to be savored, cherished, and admired. Our hand-crafted chocolates are the result of a true passion for the art of chocolatiering, where every creation is a masterpiece that tells its own story.

Our artisan chocolatiers meticulously handcraft each piece of chocolate with love, skill, and attention to detail. From the moment we select the finest chocolate and ethically sourced ingredients, to the precise tempering and moulding process, our commitment to excellence shines through in every bite.

But it’s not just about the taste – it’s the artistic touch that sets Only Mine chocolates apart. Our chocolates are not just confections; they are edible works of art. Each piece is adorned with intricate designs and delicate decorations, making them a feast for the eyes as much as for the palate.

Whether you’re treating yourself or searching for the perfect gift, Only Mine Chocolates are a celebration of life’s special moments. Our beautifully packaged boxes make for unforgettable presents, expressing love, appreciation, and delight.

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